All prices include VAT unless stipulated otherwise. Prices subject to change without notice.
All products and services fall under our Terms and Conditions. It is assumed that the customer has read and understood the Terms and Conditions prior to engaging in any business transaction with the company. You agree that Quotes and Invoices are not valid without these terms of sale, and that you have read and understood these terms in full.


All payments are in advance, by bank transfer or by cash into the Company Account. No Cheque payments.
Credit card payments: We do not accept credit card payments. You may pay using your credit card through your bank, the Internet or ATM by doing a "credit card transfer" from your linked account.

Collections and cash on delivery (COD):

All payments are to be done in advance before delivery is made. You may collect orders from our premises in Ruimsig once full payment has been received. Proof of Payment will be required before release of Products.

Warranty periods:

The original South African supplier is responsible for the warranty on their own products. If the original South African supplier is not able to cover a warranty for any reason, then we will not be obliged to cover the warranty for any reason, for any extended period of time whatsoever. From time to time, our suppliers change their warranty conditions and periods, and these conditions become effective immediately and override any warranty period indicated on our own invoices. Only the original suppliers' warranty period, as indicated on their original invoice to us from our supplier, is valid at any given time.

No stock available:

Stock availability is not guaranteed. If stock is not available for any reason, then the quote becomes null and void since the product on which the quote was based on is no longer available. We offer you the option of an immediate refund if no stock is available.

Courier charges:

Courier charges between us and the customer is paid by the customer.

Cash refunds:

We do not issue cash refunds.

Credit and returns:

No Refunds

Quotation validity:

A quotation is only valid if it has been received by you in an unchangeable, secure format, and it has not been altered in any way.

Delivery charges:

Delivery charges always applies if the goods are not collected from us. Free delivery only applies if we agree thereto in writing, and the words "Free delivery" clearly appears on your quote.
If a customer is not at the premises to take delivery when a delivery is attempted, then we reserve the right to charge the customer for delivery, no free delivery will apply and courier charges becomes payable. If several attempts have been made, then the goods will automatically be placed on for collection and it becomes the customer's responsibility to collect the goods from our premises. The delivery address will be the address printed on the customer's final quote, and the address will be considered correct and final. Any changes to the delivery address must reflect on the quote and final invoice. Once goods have been signed for at the delivery address given by the customer, the order will be considered delivered and fulfilled. Deliveries must be done to a place where the customer can take collection. Deliveries to plots, farms and constructions sites cannot be done. Deliveries to security complexes must be arranged with your security. Deliveries to offices must be arranged with your receptionists and/or security. Courier companies do not always call before delivery and the customer must be at the delivery premises at all times until delivery has been made. Deliveries are only done during office hours on work days.

Goods supplied as gifts or for free:

If the words "free", "gift" or a currency value of zero (0) appears next to an item, then these items do not carry warranties unless it has been clearly specified that such a warranty does exist on that item. The warranty terms must appear next to that item on your invoice. General warranties do not cover these items, even if any other reference to warranty periods appears on your invoice or quote. Our only obligation will be to check the item to see if it does work or not. All replacement costs, repair costs and delivery costs will be to the customer's account.
In the event that a system or hardware is sent to us under guarantee and it is discovered that the fault has arisen due to misuse, neglect, mishandling, incorrect or improper use, we may, at our discretion, charge for carriage and/or labour.
In the event that a system or hardware is sent to us under guarantee and it is discovered that the system is functioning as intended, we may, at our discretion, charge for carriage and/or labour.
In the event that a system or hardware is sent to us under guarantee and it is discovered that the fault has arisen as a result of a software issue, we may, at our discretion, charge for carriage and/or labour.
New components installed as the result of an upgrade will have a one-year warranty from the date of their purchase. All existing components would have a warranty that dates from their original purchase.
If, during the course of an upgrade and/or repair, it is necessary to reinstall the customer's software or operating system, the customer may have to supply us with software installation disks and/or serial numbers. Failure to provide installation disk and/or serial numbers may make it impossible to install such software and/or operating systems.
Hardware and software bugs are the responsibility of the hardware or software manufacturer.
Any queries regarding a purchase must be reported by the next working day. This includes, but is not limited to, omissions (hardware, software, manuals, etc.), invoicing, charging or payment queries.
We do not accept liabilities for any unforeseen hardware failure that occurs while a System or hardware components are in our possession.
We reserve the right not to install, reinstall or test any software that we suspect may be pirated or obtained through any illegal means.
Late payments on credit purchases - All purchases made on credit, or on a credit account must be paid within 30 days from the date on your invoice, bill or statement, whichever is first, or whichever applies. Upon failure to pay within 30 days, the full outstanding amount will attract interest at 2% per month, calculated on a daily basis. Payments received will be used to pay the interest portion of your account first, and the remaining portion of your payment will pay the capital on your outstanding account balance. Any remaining balance will continue to attract interest until fully paid.